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Your future, pathways and obstacles

​Consider your ambitions for the future, obstacles you might encounter on the way and how you might overcome these.​

Looking forwards………..

  • What is your house going to be like?​
  • What about the car you want?​
  • Pets?
  • Children?​
  • Holidays?​
  • Job?​
  • Lifestyle? ​

How are you going to achieve these goals in your future?

Think about qualifications, training, ambition, skills, your attitude and life obstacles.

We all have aspirations to achieve and to aim towards.

You are able to dream and achieve these dreams.

You can overcome barriers.

Staff in college can help you plan for your future and aim high.

Staff can also help you overcome the barriers that you feel may hold you back.

Speak to your progress tutor to find out who can help.

Or contact and we can point you in the right direction.


Deciding on the right course can be hard, and if you’re feeling uncertain on your current course of study at college at the moment, you may be feeling anxious about your next steps…​

But don’t be disheartened, you have the option now to explore alternative routes to help you reach your career destination, whatever that may be….​

he careers team at college can help you with this and have provided this presentation to help you with your uncertainties.​

You might be feeling uncertain if you are:​

Now seeking an apprenticeship with more work-based elements, rather than predominantly classroom based work.​

Considering a different career pathway, and your current course is not on route to achieve this.​

Wanting to attend a course to help as a bridging gap before university study/ or an apprenticeship and not sure which one to take.​

Wanting a more practical and coursework-based route to achieve your goals, rather than exam based, or vice versa.​

Feeling uncertain as to whether your current course leads you to where you want to go.​

Step one

Think about your current course of study and if you are feeling uncertain of your current course choice, consider about the following questions:​

Am I currently happy with my chosen subject(s)? If not, why? ​

-Have you given enough time to settle on your course, or is the uncertainty a reaction to the higher demand in workload in comparison to school?​

-What was the reason for choosing the subject(s) in the first place? ​

  • Does my current chosen course of study lead me to the profession that I desire to enter in the future? If not, why did you choose it in the first place? What can you do to change this?​
  • Did you choose the course because you thought it would match your interests and if you’re finding that this is not the case now, why? ​

-Is your current course relevant to your career goals?​

  • --Have you considered other options and how will they lead you to your career aspirations?​

- Does your goal of wanting to enter Higher Education through university no longer appeal to you are considering a work-routed career pathway?​

Step two

If you find yourself feeling uncertain of your course pathway, here are some hints and tips that can help you to think about it more broadly:​

-Assess yourself- Who are you right now? Where are you currently at?​

-Think about yourself, what are you good at? What do you enjoy?

This can help you to figure out a subject/ industry area to help match your skills and interests if you’re no longer interested in your current course and could help lead to other course opportunities.

-What subjects did you enjoy/ were your strongest at school? What are your interests and hobbies outside of college?​

-What are you wanting to gain from a course?​

-Have you researched job roles within your course industry and where it can take you?​

-What type of activities do you enjoy- words, numbers, visual, practical, performance?​

-Do you prefer study/lectures that are focused on exam-based skills and outcomes, are you happier with predominantly coursework based assessment? Or are you wanting something more work-based with study alongside? ​

Step three:​

Really consider carefully your chosen career goals. Have these changed? If so, how can you direct your course route to meet your new desired pathway?​

Important questions to consider:

-Have your career plans changed and is your chosen subject area going to lead you to where you want to go?​

- Again, Have you given yourself enough time to settle in your course, get used to new ways of learning and meeting new people; this can all be very overwhelming and an anxious time for everyone and could lead you to question your choices​

-Thoughts on life after your time at York College, what do you want to do and does your current subject choice help with this?​

-Do you feel that you have sufficient work experience in this area yet to decide if your course if right for you? If not, could it be worth seeing it through the year to build experience and see if you still feel the same way in a year’s time?​


  • There is more than one way to reach your career dreams.​
  • If you’re feeling uncertain, you can seek further support to get some guidance with this with your college careers advisors. ​
  • It’s about finding the right pathway for you to get to where you want to be upon your career journey.​
  • Research is key; explore job roles in your industry area and see what’s around. Look at entry routes and pathways of how you can achieve your ambitions. ​

Options that are available to you:

  • Speak to your college careers advisors to discuss your uncertainties in-depth and make a plan to help you move forward.​
  • Research career options and job roles within industry!​
  • Employment with certified training.​
  • An alternative course at college/other training providers. ​
  • An apprenticeship route (consider the current climate we are in and that vacancies are competitive at present).​
  • 19+ Gap Years, volunteering, full-time work.​

If you have a specific question about our Virtual Open Days, simply get in touch.