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Mental Health

Change is okay, important, and necessary

This year has been full of uncertainty, so change and progression are particularly anxiety-provoking right now.

It’s important to recognise and celebrate your own personal courage and resilience.

“If I can get through last year, I can get through anything. I am stronger than I thought”

Try to be open to new possibilities, seeing new opportunities, and being adventurous.

Coping with Change and Progression

Loss - we fear change and progression because of what we might be losing, such as subjects we enjoy, course friends, and familiar routines.

Uncertainty - our routines make us feel secure. Change and progression pushes us out of our comfort zones.

Lack of control - the bigger the change, the more we are feel like the change is being done to us.

Competence - we worry that we won’t be able to do what’s expected of us.

Moving Forward

•Recognise that change and progression take time.

•It allows us an opportunity to rethink and reorganise our priorities.

•It provides opportunities to emerge stronger, with aspirations.

•It’s important to prioritise your mental health and be flexible.

•Be optimistic: optimism is the tendency to see and judge things in their most positive or favourable outcome.

•Be resilient: resilience is our ability to overcome difficult circumstances and grow in the face of adversity.

•Change and progression can be a positive experience if we’re able to manage it with an open mind and learn from any mistakes.

What YOU can do – there are ways to feel more positive during any change or progression

•Work out what obstacles you might face, and imagine yourself coping and managing successfully - knowledge is power!

•Take baby steps! Tackle tasks and responsibilities in a realistic and achievable way.

•Speak to parents, carers, siblings, or friends if you are struggling.

•Be kind to yourself – take time to relax and recognise your achievements.

•Get into a healthy sleep routine.

•Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

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